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                Zhejiang Gaochao Sealing Co., Ltd. is located in the famous China Pump & Valve Hometown—Oubei, Wenzhou, which stands opposite to the downtown of Wenzhou across the river and is near two National Scenic Spots, namely Nanxi River and Yandang Mountain. The climate here is pleasant and warm. Additionally, our company is close to Wenzhou Airport and Wenzhou Railway Station and therefore the transportation is rather convenient. 

                 The company mainly produces metal spiral wound gasket, spiral wound gasket with inner ring, spiral wound gasket with outer ring, spiral wound gasket with inner and outer ring, octagonal gasket, oval gasket, toothed gasket, coated gasket, PTFE gasket, asbestos gasket, edge-coated high-strength gasket, flexible graphite packing, flexible graphite braided packing, enhanced PTFE packing, carbon fiber packing, medium/high-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, high-strength graphite composite sheet,
                multilayered sealing ring of butterfly valve and other sealing products. Among all, the spiral wound gasket has reasonable structure, excellent sealing property, and high compression elasticity and contractility; moreover, it can be applied under high temperature, cryogenic conditions and conditions that operating parameter of air changes rapidly. Furthermore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, oil refining, thermal power generation, light textile, pharmacy, natural gas pipeline, valve, fittings and other relevant industries. After years of cooperation with our customers, our products are popular in either domestic or oversea market like Southeast Asia, South Africa, etc.


                Adhering to the quality policy of "no quality means no market", we have passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, TS certification, become a member of Science and Technology Information Network of Packing & Sealing Industry of National Machinery Industry and got a number of national patent certifications. All producing processes are in strict accordance with ISO9001 International Quality System and implement Computer Network Management System, which enable our testing methods and technological level in a leading position. 

                With the enterprise principle of "upmost quality & service", we sincerely welcome you to corporate with us!



                电话:0577-67313791 67376291 67983791